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We're fully authorised under the 360 Quality Association’s rules to audit specialised reefer ships and coldstore terminals.

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360 quality

The 360 Quality Association is an alliance of reefer shipping lines and seaport terminals that specialise in the handling of reefer cargoes. The Association's goal is not only to maintain the high standards established in the chain, but also to continuously improve the quality of handling, storage and transport of reefer cargoes. To do so, it requires specialised reefer vessels and terminals to be audited and certified according to its own guidelines.

We've been instrumental in developing the survey form and guidelines, making us perfectly placed to perform these audits.

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Jake Rigby

General Arrangement Optimisation: A New Approach to Ship Design

Artificial intelligence has for decades been rumoured to revolutionise ship design and change the ways we work forever. However, apart from improving Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools, the creation of ship general arrangements is relatively the same as it was in the 1980s.


Autonomy – Challenges and Opportunities for Short Sea Shipping

The requirement to reduce maritime emissions in the next decade has brought this reality ever closer; it is not something to drop into the pending tray. If we do not make plans now, we stand little chance of even scratching the surface of the targets.


Naval acquisition trends and their impact on innovation

One of the most significant challenges of warship procurement is the need to keep pace with technological developments and changing strategic contexts.


Japan’s Wind Farm First

Designing a vessel for a pioneering offshore wind project in Japan required BMT to work to new rules.


Ferry Design - back to fundamentals

At a time when progress in technologies provides only marginal gain in terms of reducing operating cost and environmental footprint, should the traditional ferry paradigm be challenged once more?

James Roy

Getting Ready For The Future

The future is closer than we think, in fact it is right now. The future is what we will do when we finish reading these words. It is an hour away, a minute away, a second away. The actions we take today are the future. With this perspective, how would we create a future superyacht, today? What technology would we employ to deliver on the known certainties of the future, and yet avoid obsolescence from the uncertainties we don’t know?

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