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Claims & Casualty Investigation

We investigate marine as well as non-marine casualties, identify their root causes and assess the extent of damage; we may also provide recommendations to avoid future casualties.

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Casualties demand urgent response and involvement of knowledgeable and skilled experts. Our surveyors, forensic investigators, consultants and experts have extensive experience dealing with any kind of casualty, incident or claim. We also provide litigation support to the legal profession for arbitration and court proceedings.

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Charles Constancon

Reduce Fatigue, Improve Efficiency

Justin McAdams and Charles Constançon, BMT, USA, explain how the company’s new dragline modification and repair scheme has reduced downtime and outage costs caused by fatigued dragline parts.

Sarah Kenny

International Trade in a changing World

Shipping is changing fast. The moral and regulatory frameworks protecting the environments in which global shipping operates are having an unprecedented effect on global trade. How will shipping adapt with this ever evolving backdrop?

Nick Howes

From the depths of the oceans to the depths of space

Nick Howes is a Test Analyst in the Information Systems group. His role also encompasses Space SI Research and Development. He was a science writer for the European Space Agency and SKA Telescope projects, and has expertise in orbital dynamics, Imaging systems, and cometary/asteroid bodies.

Robin Stanfield

Wind Modelling for Lightweight Roofs

Dr Robin Stanfield, examines how increasingly lightweight stadia roofs are becoming more susceptible to wind factors.

Phil Thompson

Smart Port Software

Phil Thompson, Director, Simulation & Training Products, Critical Infrastructure, explains how software helps to ensure safe navigation in congested water spaces.

Nick Dowden

Failure in Bridge Resource Management

Not long ago, an expedition cruise ship grounded off a remote island; no one was hurt, there was no environmental impact and damage was minimal but the potential learning outcomes are huge. BMT’s Nick Dowden investigated and reports.

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