Dry bulk

Dry bulk cargoes are generally uniform in composition and are loaded directly into the cargo space without any intermediate containment.

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Dry bulk

The range of these solid cargoes is, however, immense, meaning that to investigate an advise on risks and damage demands a team with broad experience across these categories.

At BMT, we have built that team. Our experts are experienced across a full range of solid bulk cargoes: iron ore, coal, grain, alumina, fertilisers, scrap, sugar, sulphur, cement etc. and not forgetting a large number of agricultural products for the human and animal food industry, such as rice, corn, tapioca, copra, palm expellers and also, since the late nineteen nineties, cocoa.

Our team are equally well versed in the many ship types used in this trade: from dedicated bulk carriers to general cargo vessels and a large range of coasters. Transportation from the port of destination to inland reception facilities is almost exclusively carried out by inland barges.

It is important to note that many of the solid bulk cargoes are classified under the International Dangerous Goods Code for Solid Bulk Cargoes (IMSBC Code) and, as such, require special attention during loading, transportation and discharge.

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