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Let BMT manage your route to compliance and provide your ballast water treatment solutions. From equipment selection to installation guidance and commissioning support, our packages are individually tailored to match Client and/or yard needs.

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The Ballast Water Management Convention, or BWM Convention, aims to prevent harmful organisms or substances being transferred through ballast water. Ships with keels laid on or after 8th September 2017 must be compliant upon delivery; Ships with keels laid before 8th September 2017 must comply by their first IOPP survey after 8th September 2019. The convention applies to all ships that are designed or constructed to carry ballast water.

At BMT, we can deliver end-to-end Ballast Water Treatment retro-fit packages worldwide. From design solutions to trials, testing and management plans, BMT provides specialist design and engineering knowledge in support of a broad spectrum of commercial and naval customers with Ballast Water Management services on some of the most complex vessels in the world. Together we can determine the optimum solution and ensure its successful delivery via our skilled personnel:

Services we offer include: