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Maritime design and consultancy

With a rich heritage of excellence, we’re world leaders in providing ship design and technical consultancy across the maritime sector, including defence, offshore energy, commercial shipping and yachts.

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Noel Tomlinson

Head of Business Development

Southampton, UK

+44 (0)23 8022 6655

Our global network of talented experts allows us to offer a diverse range of complimentary, internationally available services, from award-winning ship design to over 50-years of design experience and operational consultancy advice in coastal infrastructure projects, including ship simulation and training and surveys, audits and technical inspections. We further provide investment support for new coastal infrastructure and specialised related services such as environmental modelling to support dredging operations.

Our global network is underpinned by in-country knowledge and sovereign capability so that we retain control over the skills, technology, intellectual property, financial resources and infrastructure that underpin those capabilities within region.

It’s thanks to our world-renowned design and engineering capabilities that we’re continually trusted by vessel owners, port operators, shipbuilders, and suppliers alike.

Our commitment to innovation underpins our pedigree as market-leading independent experts, delivering to you tailored and efficient solutions that consistently exceed expectations.


Concept design to bespoke solution

We can deliver ‘out of the box’ highly manoeuvrable mature designs that can be adapted for your specific needs.

Excellence in design and naval architecture

We are a global ship design business with over 300 vessels in service across the world.

Advanced marine and naval engineering

We have extensive experience in the design of steel, aluminium and advanced composite vessels and a proven design pedigree for structures that are lightweight, robust, easy to construct and maintain, and fatigue-resistant, thanks to our close attention to detail.

Marine investigation & consultancy

We consult on global regulation, shared attitudes and ideas for maritime operations, including how we respond to incidents, vessel surveying, and cargo handling.

Survey audits and Technical inspections

We offer a broad range of surveys, audits and certifications to promote safety and operational efficiency.

Integrated coastal planning advisory

By providing investment and planning support throughout the initial stages of infrastructure development, we help you build future growth on solid foundations.

Sustainable coastal infrastructure

We provide vital consultant engineering services, including complete project management from conception to completion for marine, port, and coastal projects.

Analytical assessment of risk

Our experience in using practical tools and methodologies to manage risk helps you verify and optimise design early on when costs are still manageable.