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Administrations face numerous challenges, including the need for ‘better for less’, transparency, data security, increasing digital access, and constant change, whether local, national or global.

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Alan Hodgson

Business Development Manager

London, United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 7062 5838 defence-security.das@bmtglobal.com

We deliver consultancy and technical advice to governments across the world throughout the programme and project lifecycle.

We work alongside you to help manage the balance between requirements and constraints, delivering benefits in the most effective manner. We leverage our expertise in managing complex programmes across many industry sectors to support the provision of efficient, reliable and value for many government services.

We constantly endeavour to transfer our knowledge and expertise, enabling you to continue to benefit from our support long after our intervention is complete.  We support your programmes from the definition of business needs to ensure that the resulting solution meets those needs and is delivered on time and to budget.

Policy making

Governments face complex challenges when designing new policies and procedures, ranging from value for money to transparency and accountability – we provide expert support and guidance at every stage.

We support departments and agencies throughout the visioning, decision-making, planning and implementation process.  From analysing the problem to evaluating the options, we enable the visioning and policy-making process. By offering insight into cost, feasibility, and risk, we provide the necessary information to make informed decisions.

We provide resources to direct and manage the planning and implementation stages, which often involve complex and large-scale organisational change.  We work closely with agencies and authorities to inform policy-making and embed best practices.

Our flexible and agile approach has allowed us to provide strategic planning and guidance to national and local governments worldwide.

Business solutions

We help you evaluate possible solutions to meet your business needs and aspirations.  Our independence, innovative thinking, and commitment to research mean that we can provide expert advice, guidance, and support throughout the business solution cycle – from definition to design and delivery.

We help clarify your needs and identify and examine the most appropriate solutions available. We help define the elements of the solution to satisfy your complex environment.  Having informed the decision-making process, we also support the business solution’s design and identify the risks of action.

Whether ensuring the right people and expertise are in place or enabling complex technical services, we provide specialist resources to deliver your objectives in an agile manner.

Global reach

We have worked on some of the most complex portfolios globally - planning and scheduling operations, providing costings and, where applicable, independent reviews.  Our flexible and agile approach and the specialist skills we can apply at all stages of the programme lifecycle have made us a trusted adviser to organisations.

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