PMO Service for UK National Specialist Policing

We designed and implemented an enhanced, flexible and resilient Programme Management Office (PMO) service whilst working as an integral member of the Programme's Senior Leadership Team.


One of the UK’s national specialist policing organisations set up a Programme to deliver new digital capabilities and enable technology development alongside business change for Police and partner organisations. It consisted of five large, complex and time-critical projects in various stages of their lifecycles but lacked a proactive and professionally led Programme Management Office (PMO) Service which was a threat to its successful delivery.


Working as an integral member of the Programme’s SLT and alongside the Portfolio Office (PO), we designed and implemented an enhanced, flexible and resilient PMO to set and maintain standards; ensure organisational compliance and enable successful Programme delivery.

We provided a trusted and robust PMO service with proactive leadership to ensure governance and controls were adhered to, appropriate reporting implemented with a strong focus on delivering desired benefits:



BMT was awarded a contract to provide a PMO service for the top priority transformational change programme within our National Specialist Policing organisation.

BMT has provided an engaging and understanding approach to drive a mature partnership and set in place an effective and trusted PMO, service, delivering rigour and necessary controls to maintain the Programme’s ‘heartbeat.’

In addition, they have provided knowledge and skill transition to support other Programme teams and individuals. Their delivery has significantly and positively benefited the Programme’s delivery.

BMT has provided a capable, experienced and professional PMO team capable of delivering the requirements of the service and where necessary proactively ‘going the extra mile.’

Without the professional support of BMT, the delivery of new digital capabilities to benefit national specialist policing and keep the public safe would not have been possible within the Programme’s delivery parameters.

Senior Programme Manager, National Specialist Policing.


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