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The evolving offshore industry

We combine our expert knowledge of met ocean conditions, hydrology and the marine environment with structural understanding and sophisticated monitoring to unlock opportunities in offshore energy.

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Neil Charles - Energy

President, Critical Infrastructure Americas

Escondido, United States

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We support and supplement offshore technical teams and work closely with renewable energy companies, oil and gas industry majors, independents, national oil companies and associated engineering contractors. Our datasets encompass the world’s ocean basins. We have consulted on and provided services from the Gulf of Mexico and Brazil to the North Sea, West Africa, and down through southeast Asia.

By combining wind, wave and current data with simulation and financial assessment tools, we help de-risk decisions about an offshore project's safety, logistics, and economics.

  • Greater control
  • Greater safety
  • More effective operations
  • More efficient maintenance
  • Lower through-life costs

Offshore construction

From vessel simulations to training crew and assessing environmental risks, we help you during the planning stage of any significant development and scheduled offshore construction.

  • Proprietary software
  • Hydrodynamic modelling expertise
  • Knowledge of the regulatory weather
  • Downtime and environmental risks

We provide vessel simulations for complex installation programmes that combine our extensive naval architecture and offshore engineering experience with our hydraulic modelling expertise and met ocean capabilities.

Our LNG expertise

For the LNG market, the location of a terminal and its associated impact, transport links to the market and operational constraints are paramount considerations.

From detailed design and engineering for an LNG terminal expansion in Singapore to enabling the first alongside the ship-to-ship transfer of LNG in the UK, WE have an extensive track record in delivering high-value solutions for storing and safely transporting this critical energy source.

Water authorities and utilities

Water supply authorities and utilities deliver safe, secure, and cost-effective bulk water supply, often for large and growing populations.

These organisations typically have a wide array of water supply infrastructure and resources, including dams and weirs, conventional water treatment plants, desalination plants, reservoirs, pump stations, and extensive pipeline networks.  There is often a high interdependence between resources.

We conduct portfolio-wide vulnerability assessments that allow large infrastructure owners such as water supply authorities to identify the major vulnerable resources to climate change and prioritise risk management efforts and responses.

Project and environmental risk

Unmanaged risks can be extremely costly in terms of the operating time of a facility, business bottom line and even human and community life. We apply proven techniques to manage risk in the early phases of your project lifecycle, where the knock-on effects can result in severe consequences.

Our comprehensive understanding informs assessments of all relevant environmental regulations, directives, and international agreements. Whether identifying and mitigating potential ecological risks or meeting the needs of regulators and licencing authorities, we have the knowledge and experience to support your projects during construction and installation.

Using powerful in-house Risk Assessment Method (RAM) software, we help estimate project life cycles and costs by considering environmental conditions that may affect offshore installations before any capital investment is made. We help you understand the possibility of maintaining an asset and help you take full advantage of design, maintenance, and availability opportunities.


Support services

We understand how critical it is to properly understand the importance of instruments and data for safe and efficient operations. That’s why our service agreements include maintenance, upgrades, consulting, and training to protect preventative maintenance programmes, as well as field engineers to repair, calibrate, maintain, and improve monitoring systems, sensors, and software.

Due Diligence

Sound financial decisions rely on having critical, real-world information on assets and project plans. We support these decisions by helping you identify investment risks and opportunities through stringent due diligence activities and the critical assessment of management, technical and process operations.

Monitoring and Advisory Systems

With over 20 years of experience in the global design, procurement, integration, and installation of monitoring systems on over 120 facilities and vessels, we’re world leaders in providing expert Marine Monitoring and Advisory Services.
Our services encompass marine and helideck monitoring systems, independent remote monitoring, and backup advisory, and we’re certified in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001. The data we collate helps guide early field development assessment, future engineering design and operating criteria.

Underwater Noise Assessments and Modelling

Our experts can help you assess the magnitude, frequency and potential impacts of the underwater noise generated by proposed offshore operations to help you protect marine life and meet regulatory obligations.