Highlights from AOG Energy and Women in Offshore Wind (WOW) events

Our team attended the AOG Energy Conference and WOW event, discussing the future of renewable energy and sharing insights on its progress

25 March 2024


Highlights from AOG Energy and Women in Offshore Wind (WOW) events

In early March, our team attended the AOG Energy Conference and WOW event in Perth, engaging in discussions about the future of renewable energy.

Our delegates at AOG Energy included Ian McRobbie, Louise Bruce, and Rob De Roach, who shared their highlights on the progress in renewable energy.
Sarah Scott, Julia Lima, Amy Kempton, Sophie Roberts, Minh Vo, and Harrison Carmody represented our commitment to gender diversity at the WOW event.

We have reached a juncture where renewable energy is no longer seen as an alternative but as the key to creating a sustainable future. At the conference, numerous conversations were held about the potential of renewable energy sources, especially their role in emission reduction.

A trend observed is the growing involvement of women in the energy industry, marking a departure from the traditional dynamics of the oil and gas sector towards a more diverse and inclusive industry. This change is expected to introduce fresh perspectives to the challenges of moving to cleaner energy.

The dynamic nature of this sector encourages the adoption of innovative technologies and practices, propelling the industry forward at an impressive rate.

Another observation was the importance of data in planning and decision-making. With the growing complexity and size of renewable energy projects, the use of data for strategic insights and sustainable outcomes is becoming indispensable.


Louise Bruce reflected on the atmosphere at WOW, sharing,

There was an undeniable excitement, a clear sense of participating in something big. Being together at WOW felt like we were collectively advancing the future, which was truly motivating.

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