Mining operations

Mining and Metals

Successful mine operations unlock sustainable opportunities whilst respecting the environment, people and machinery.

The challenges facing the mining sector are too numerous to list here but include:

  • Deeper mines
  • Environmental and geopolitical risk
  • Improving safety performance
  • More complex minerals
  • Pressure to control costs

Although there are no easy solutions, technology and effective asset management can undoubtedly play a part in the full end-to-end of mining operations.

We help you optimise equipment performance such as bucket-wheel excavators, stackers, reclaimers, ship loaders, ship unloaders, conveyors and conveying systems, mills, crushers, screens, draglines, and mining shovels. We offer a complete service from initial investigations and machinery design to project management, specialist electrical services, procurement, and technical support.

We provide a comprehensive range of specialist studies and design services, from concept development to fully detailed design. In addition, we have specialist material handling system capabilities to assess performance, reliability and maintenance, access, and system flexibility.

We also assist with capital and operating estimation, life cycle cost estimation, system control philosophy design and system simulation and modelling. We use specialist design tools to undertake finite element analysis, fluid dynamics, discrete particle modelling, fatigue, and conveyor analysis.

We provide an efficient and reliable assessment of problems, supported by our proprietary software to carry out complex analyses for conveyor dynamics. We’re deeply experienced with port equipment’s commercial and industrial aspects, from ship loaders and unloaders to grab cranes and passenger gangways. We offer quality engineering services that benefit day-to-day, short-term, and long-term operations, from design to advice.

We unlock the ‘win-wins,’ where machine and operator productivity increase alongside machine health and operator safety.  To achieve this, we provide complete design capabilities for new bulk handling systems and related machines such as bucket wheel excavators. We have extensive experience redesigning existing devices to extend service life and reliability.

Whatever the application, we can support any single aspect or manage the entire process, from concept development, detailed design and manufacture, to installation and final commissioning.

Improved productivity

We continually explore and exploit the possibilities of new technologies to improve productivity whilst reducing time and cost and increasing safety.

We can help to define, communicate and deliver your business case for sustainable operations.

We identify the root causes of problems and provide definitive solutions. The benefits are improved quality, robustness, reliability and availability of machinery; greater safety; avoidance of unexpected operational problems, extended life and lower life cycle operating and maintenance costs.

Coal mining from above

Mining digital twin

The 'digital twin' is now a recognised core component of the Industry 4.0 journey, helping organisations understand their complex processes, resources and data to provide insight into their business and help optimise their operations.

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