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Collision Investigation

We use BMT REMBRANDT to simulate and reconstruct collision incidents and support expert reporting.

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BMT REMBRANDT is a superior tool to use when reconstructing collisions. It simulates collisions using accurately modelled vessel hull forms and taking into account environmental effects such as visibility, wind, wave height and current. The 3D representation of the event is invaluable for training, expert reporting in litigation or to supplement independent apportionment of blame in order to settle cases simply and quickly.

The list of statutory agencies using BMT REMBRANDT (REal time Manoeuvring, BeRthing AND Training) is considerable, including the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, as well as the Australian Transport Safety Board and the Dutch Safety Board, amongst others. REMBRANDT has been acknowledged as one of the industry's most advanced engineering support tools, providing physical and behavioural realism.

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