Justice and security

The pressure on government departments and executive agencies, justice and the emergency services included, seek to become more streamlined, efficient and deliver an enhanced customer experience, together with the need to align strategies with changing legislation, can represent a real strain on resources.

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Regional Vice President Business Development

Alexandria, United States

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Justice and security

We work across these domains to deliver change by supplementing both capability and capacity: from initiation and business case development through to delivery and realization of the benefits locally in the organization, in the customer experience and in the eyes of the government and taxpayer. 

Delivering change in complex environments.

We have successfully worked on novel and contentious change programmes across multiple domains. As a business we have benefitted hugely from experience delivering large scale, complex programmes: an experience we bring to our work in change. Similarly, our work with the armed forces meeting Urgent Operation Requirements in recent theatres has honed our ability to deploy programmes without jeopardizing daily operations. 

The scope of our involvement has seen us working with justice and police forces, for example, to target end-to-end improvement across the whole lifecycle of justice, from first contact through investigation, court systems and the prison service through to reform and rehabilitation. 

Understanding the challenges of your domain. 

Members of our team come from the domains we serve: from senior police officers to counter terrorism and ex-military officers. That understanding allows us to mold methodologies and best practice to the realities of operations and remain sensitive to the challenges and stresses of the environment. Our team members also bring the experience of having been a recipient of change in those environments. That in-house domain credibility serves us well when setting the strategy agenda with senior management in our customer organizations. 

In addition to specific domain expertise, we also have the reach back with the wider BMT to technology an innovation: from Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality to Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Digital Transformation.

Information sharing is important for any organization, but can be the lifeblood of public and emergency services where many service improvements can be delivered through the accurate, complete and real time sharing of information within an agency and between agencies and with their users. We help establish and implement effective information sharing that abides by data sharing and protection laws. 

Advice matched by delivery.

We work across the full suite to help shape, deliver, optimize and assure your change programme. We help you define and deliver your portfolio, provide the people to lead and manage your programmes and projects in order to realize your strategic objectives and unlock real change. Many customers comment on how actively we manage our people whilst integrating ourselves into your team, ensuring the best people and the best fit.