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Defense and Security

The sheer scale and complexity that characterize major defense and security programs presents a challenge to meeting the on time, on budget, to specification expectations of governments.

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We bring a whole-enterprise perspective to this technical and contractual complexity, using our blend of technical knowledge, project management skills and experience in acquisition leadership to build a full understanding of cost and risk. This is at the heart of our ability to give our customers confidence as they work through the development and selection of technical and enterprise solutions.

Our independence from external shareholders or manufacturing interests sees our advice sought and trusted by governments and industry alike. That independence is also what allows us to work to improve the many interfaces and interdependencies of the partners involved in complex programmes.

Operating across the complete project lifecycle, our 400+ naval architects, engineers, safety and assurance experts use their domain knowledge, safety and regulatory awareness to provide assurance of the viability of solutions. And our agility allows us to respond to complicating factors such as budget and approval delays.

Through the wider BMT, we bring expertise from metocean forecasting to innovative hull design, infrastructure project management to big data management, fitting the best of commercial practice to our defense and security customers.


Surface systems

Our design, acquisition and support expertise is focused on helping national governments and industry deliver and sustain capable, available and safe ships on time with reduced through-life costs.

Underwater systems

We work with government customers, shipbuilders and in-service support providers to deliver capable, available and safe submarines and underwater systems on time with reduced through life cost.

Land systems

We are continuously helping our customers to realise benefit at all stages of the life cycle. Our success comes from taking an end to end view of the supply and support chain so that solutions are streamlined and cost effective through life.

Air systems

In today's challenging defense market, the ability to design, manufacture and support complex defense solutions that are affordable, provide through-life value for money and deliver the capability to counter current and future threats is paramount.


Our work with Joint forces initiatives sees us applying management and technical consultancy to shape, optimize and assure your portfolios, programmes and projects.

Justice and security

The pressure on government departments and executive agencies, justice and the emergency services included, seek to become more streamlined, efficient and deliver an enhanced customer experience, together with the need to align strategies with changing legislation, can represent a real strain on resources.

Client advisor

Many government procurement organizations find they need specialist expertise or support during challenging defense and security procurements.


In today’s uncertain world, organizations can only survive if they are able to change, respond to external threats and exploit emerging opportunities.


From initial concept, through design, construction, service and disposal, who do you trust to give you the confidence that your asset is safe to operate, that requirements have all been met and that standards are all complied with?


Properly conceived, ‘compliance’ is more than adherence to relevant safety and environmental standards, regulations and laws. It is an opportunity to reduce whole life cost and project risk.

Data analytics and insight

Data Analytics is the art and science of unlocking value in your data to support decision making. We are trusted by government and industry customers across the defense and security space to handle data analytics projects that deliver actionable insights.

Cyber security

Our qualified multidisciplinary security and risk management consultants help organizations understand the cyber threat landscape, providing insight into digital risks, and resources to implement business resilience in systems, people, and processes.


How can visualization help derisk the design process? How can immersive multi-learner 3D training prepare crews even before a vessel is completed? How can a digital twin help you create and share real time performance information about your asset?

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Platform design and support

BMT provides design, engineering, and business services to national defence forces and major contractors