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Design of safety management systems

We support the safety of your resources, including setting safety requirements, identifying hazards, assessing risks, ensuring compliance, and providing assurance through the production of safety case artefacts.

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The importance of safety

We develop and apply safety management approaches under a range of safety regulations, policies, and guidance, across high-hazard domains.  Our approach to safety management follows the four-stage cycle.  We can ensure cost-effective and pragmatic compliance to rules, standards, and legislation.

The importance of safety is recognised by all but the sheer complexity of a platform or other resources, the number of stakeholders involved, and complex regulatory regimes and underpinning processes can all undermine your confidence in the safety of a design or a design change to a platform.

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Project Safety Assurance Management

Developing safety policy, standards and regulations for the organisation, direction, and implementation of safety management in teams, organisations, projects, or programmes.

Conducting independent safety audits

Providing safety audit planning, strategy, audit scope, and analysis of audit provision for teams and projects, including conducting audit visits, documentation assessments and functional safety analysis against defined Standards.

Safety hazard and risk assessment

Defining, scoping, supporting, and recording the activities and techniques necessary to identify and analyse safety hazards and the associated risks.

Weapons, Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives (WOME)

Conducting safety activities for the procurement, transportation, storage, handling, preparation and use of WOME items to meet pan domain policy and regulation.

Functional Software Safety Management

Management of programmable elements used in safety systems, where software is a contributing factor in the overall functional safety of a system and assuring its adequacy.