Needs Assessment for Improving Maritime Transport Safety, Tonga

Following a launch of an initiative to improve transport safety in Tonga, BMT was invited by World Bank to identify what further assistance was needed to improve the ongoing safe operations of inter island shipping in Tonga.


Tonga’s Ministry of Transport has led a number of improvement initiatives in maritime transport safety and security. These actions follow the launch of the Transport Sector Consolidation Project (TSCP), a bilateral funded project by the World Bank and later (in 2010) the AusID.

Under the TSCP, the Tongan Government has and continues to implement infrastructure improvements and changes to reduce marine pollution. These include the upgrading of ferry wharves and ramps, shipping channels, mooring buoys, navigation aids (beacons, light, buoys and channel markers), as well as related investments.

We were invited by World Bank to identify the scope of works required to improve the ongoing safe operations of inter-island shipping and transportation.

Scope of work

We carried out a Needs Assessment and a related action plan covering all components involved directly or indirectly with domestic shipping services in terms of:



The safety standards for passenger vessels have been improved under an enhanced regulatory framework with the Government’s Marine and Ports Division. Additionally, aids to navigation and ports-related works have been carried out to improve safety and security of seafarers.

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