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BMT is actively supporting some world class projects around the world. This is where we share some of the latest news on these projects.

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Successful Trials Conducted on First HPB-1900 High Speed Patrol Craft for the Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron

Working alongside Marine Specialised Technology Group (MST) the first HPB-1900 High Speed Patrol Craft has successfully completed Trials.

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New state-of-the-art passenger and cargo vessels receive funding for build

BMT's latest vessel design project with the Isle of Scilly Steamship Company to build a new state of the art passenger and cargo vessels has now received funding for build.

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IPWEA guidelines deliver climate resilience to infrastructure

This week we are proud to recognise the launch of an important climate change resilience guide for asset owners and managers.

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BMT, Finalist for ASEAN Wind Energy Innovation Excellence Awards for Smart Technology Innovation of the Year

Thanks to BMT’s impressive innovation program, valuable experience and expertise for the company’s robust, fuel-efficient vessel designs and for its reputation as a design leader, the business has secured its spot as a finalist of ASEAN Wind Energy Innovation Excellence Award for Smart Technology Innovation of the Year.

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Disrupted ports – COVID, climate change and extreme weather

When operations at ports and harbours are disrupted, the knock-on effects are not just noticeable, they can be disastrous across the supply chain, let alone on the companies and consumers who rely on shipping to deliver more than 90% of the world’s goods.

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