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BMT is actively supporting some world class projects around the world. This is where we share some of the latest news on these projects.


Inspiring the next generation about STEM

Defence and security National and local government

As part of our commitment to social values and supporting STEM initiatives, we hope to inspire the next generation to broaden their horizons. By planning and delivering a special STEM Day at Longfield Primary School, North London, a group of our management consultant volunteers aimed to educate underprivileged students about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

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BMT triumphs with Culture award and earns finalist status for Sustainability at the EIC National Awards ceremony 2023

Coastal infrastructure Commercial maritime Defence and security Energy and resources Marine surveying National and local government Shipyards and boat builders Water management

Shining a dual spotlight on Culture and Sustainability excellence in the energy supply chain

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UK SMEs encouraged to engage in £1.6 billion contract for Royal Fleet Auxiliary supply ships

Defence and security National and local government Shipyards and boat builders

Team Resolute, the consortium comprising Navantia UK, BMT and Harland & Wolff in close cooperation with the Society of Maritime Industries (SMI) and the Aerospace Defence and Security trade association (ADS), as well as representatives from the National Shipbuilding Office (NSO) and Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) hosted two events to encouraged businesses across the United Kingdom, in particular SMEs, to get involved in the Fleet Solid Support (FSS) programme.

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BMT attends MCA Awards 2023

Defence and security National and local government

BMT attends MCA Awards 2023 with 2 Finalist projects.

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Continued sponsorship of Metropolitan Police Choir promotes diversity, equity and inclusion

Defence and security National and local government

With a strategic commitment to improved diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace and an aim to integrate physical and mental wellbeing into all of our work activities and practices, supporting the Metropolitan Police Choir (MPC) for another year is the right fit for us.

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