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BMT, Finalist for ASEAN Wind Energy Innovation Excellence Awards for Smart Technology Innovation of the Year

10 November 2021

Finalist for ASEAN Wind Energy Innovation Excellence Awards

Thanks to BMT’s impressive innovation program, valuable experience and expertise for the company’s robust, fuel-efficient vessel designs and for its reputation as a design leader, the business has secured its spot as a finalist of the ASEAN Wind Energy Innovation Excellence Award for Smart Technology Innovation of the Year. A recognition that reflects on the long-term commitment the organisation has made to placing innovation at the centre of its strategy.

BMT, a leading international multi-disciplinary engineering, science, and technology company, has been announced as the finalist of ASEAN Wind Energy Innovation Excellence Awards for Smart Technology Innovation of the Year, for the organisation’s fuel-efficient and economical Service Accommodation Transfer Vessel (SATV) design.

The rigorous assessment for the Awards measures a top innovation implemented over the past year. Specifically, the judges are looking at the degree of the technological innovation, safety, technical and environmental benefits, economic benefits and lastly, the proof of innovation.

BMT’s Managing Director, Asia, Suba Sivandran says “We are truly honoured to have been recognised as one of the leading innovators across ASEAN for our SATV design.”

“This vessel was developed in partnership with PSA and Njord Offshore and was built at Penguin Shipyard. The team have also done an exceptional job in ensuring we help navigate our customers most important and impactful engineering challenges. We are a global force in ship design,” he says.

“We have a proud history of maritime design, and currently have over 300 vessels in service across the world, including windfarm support vessels, ferries, search and rescue vessels and fast patrol crafts,” says Andy Holdcroft, BMT’s Managing Director, Specialised Ship Design.

“With over a decade of experience in the offshore wind energy sector, we have over 60 windfarm support vessel designs in operation across the world, ranging from 18-metres to over 35-metres, with many fitted with our Active Fender System™ (AFS™).” he continues.

The ability to serve the more remote windfarms without the cost of a large vessel like a SOV led BMT to the development of the SATV, filling the gap between the CTV and SOV designs. With a size of 36-metres, the vessel is large enough to provide a comfortable and safe platform for the crew and technicians to stay out on the field for extended periods, with our AFS providing the ability to ride up to the mooring post of a monopile wind turbine – a key feature of this size of vessel.

“The SATV provides for maximum operability within a set of exacting parameters. The design provides accommodation and facilities for the technicians and crew, allowing them to stay out during the job, turning the daily commute into a weekly commute. Reducing number of transits and fuel consumption, the innovative hullform allows for safe and comfortable transfer in more demanding sea states compared to a typical CTV,” he concluded.

BMT’s innovation strategy is built on the principles that it must solve a current or future problem, deliver commercial value to BMT, align with strategic business objectives, and provide a rewarding and collaborative workplace for staff.

Ian Salter, Head of Product Management, BMT says “The development and delivery of our products is a direct result of planned innovation processes that operate globally across BMT, the key focus of these processes is to address our customers’ most challenging problems with innovative solutions. Innovation is not just a catchphrase at BMT. It is a deliberate – and successful – strategy.”

“Innovation is at the core of everything we do. We have grown a business that is driven by it,” he continued.

“Our strategy acknowledges that staff are the drivers and owners of our innovative capability. We ensure that our people have the freedom to think without limits,” he concluded.

This award honours companies for outstanding products and business performance for wind energy use in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Winners were announced by The Wind Future Awards 2021 on Wednesday, 10 November 2021.

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