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BMT is actively supporting some world class projects around the world. This is where we share some of the latest news on these projects.

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Emily Spurling appointed as Regional Business Director for BMT in Americas

Experienced leadership prioritizing the growth of our business through the development of capabilities and local delivery of global BMT expertise.

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BMT's CAIMEN-Large ready to meet Australia's Landing Craft-Heavy requirements

BMT offers a rich portfolio of design services for specialised vessels, this capability is particularly relevant given the focus of the Australian Defence Strategic Review on enhancing the Army's amphibious capabilities in littoral environments.

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Aurora Engineering Partnership awarded £13m contract

The Aurora Engineering Partnership (EDP) has been awarded a £13m contract by Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) to provide specialist maritime combat systems.

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BMT reveals new 48m SOV design

Designed to optimise offshore operations, the advanced methanol-ready SOV design combines exceptional safety, unparalleled comfort, and operational efficiency, all while prioritising eco-friendly practices.

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