Light Protected Patrol Vehicle Risk and Schedule Support

BMT was contracted by the LPPV Product Team in 2009 to update risk and schedule data from two industry partners and run a cost and timescale risk analysis to feed the business case and down-selection of a vehicle.

Approach Taken

BMT assessed two competing invitation to tender (ITT) response packs and summarised the schedules and risk lists for several MoD vehicles.

These were assessed and reviewed with the MoD Project Team (PT). A risk workshop was held to capture and assess any risks relating to the PT activities in association with the MoD’s Defence Science & Technology Laboratory.

Risk networks were created and full quantitative modelling was carried out to perform both cost and schedule risk analysis (CRA and SRA).

The outputs were used to feed the business case and investment appraisal. In addition, a top 10 risks list was developed to support the business case.

Results Achieved

BMT provided an independent assessment of the technology maturity and a risk based schedule to inform the LPPV business case and to provide overall support to the development of the LPPV Programme Schedule.

The analysis encompassed logistics and supportability, vehicle technical evaluation, production capabilities and key risks and issues identified during supplier visits conducted by BMT.

Foxhound has been specifically selected, designed and built in Britain to protect against the threats our troops face in Afghanistan.            

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