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Optimising offshore assets and operations

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Optimising offshore assets & operations
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Lee Hedd

Business Development Manager

Ottawa, Canada


Maximise asset performance

For over 20 years, we have been providing data QC and management of data collected from marine monitoring systems on the globally distributed assets of a significant oil operator.  The time to cleanse data, often sampled at a high-frequency rate, resulting in terabytes of data and ultimately days of an analyst’s time, has been challenging.  Working with various operators to overcome this challenge, we developed BMT DEEP, a data analytics platform suitable for secure, collaborative working on the operator’s data set.

Integrated Marine Monitoring

Our Integrated Marine Monitoring System is used on your FPSO to monitor the asset operating in a harsh offshore environment.  The system provides a wide range of marine monitoring information, including the environmental conditions, the motions of the investment, and the structural response parameters required to ensure that the asset is operating within its design life. 

We deliver ongoing data management and QC on multiple platforms of the operator using BMT DEEP which allows you to explore data and speed up the analysis process to near real-time, cutting down the need for various analysts to cleanse the data and save costs for the user.

Digital Innovation

The AI and processing routines have allowed critical analysis to be streamlined within a common dataset, which has removed the requirement for multiple domain experts to work on separate datasets and has saved costs by significantly reducing analysts’ time.  The freed-up time allows focusing on understanding the more significant tasks, including building solutions that help the end-users gain insights from the data.  Specifically, you can now look at how the FPSO behaves in a given sea state by monitoring trends in the data sets with development plans to introduce AI to move towards a predictive maintenance plan.

Sensor health can also be checked in semi-real time, alerting you if a safety sensor has malfunctioned, e.g. wind sensor on a helideck to support helicopter landing operations.

We can add additional features, including working towards applications that will produce critical data, including comparisons between the measured data and structural design limits to obtain long term fatigue assessments and allow almost real-time structural performance analysis.

Operational Benefits

BMT DEEP, coupled with our integrated instrument packages, can be used to identify the risk associated with the asset operating beyond its design envelope or even extending out beyond it.  By monitoring the impact of solid storm events on the vessel, fatigue calculations can be based on actual measured data, allowing fatigue to be calculated more accurately.  Using BMT DEEP as part of the broader analysis initiative used to extend the life of the operations adds real value.  It allows our customers to continue production beyond the scheduled end of the asset’s life.  In addition, our integrated analysis approach allows significant cost savings in terms of reduced subsea inspections, maintenance, and increased confidence in extreme operating conditions when shut-in decisions are marginal.


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