Projection risk and financial appraisal

Unmanaged risk proves costly: to human life and the liveability of communities, to the operating time of a facility and to the business bottom line.

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Projection risk and financial appraisal

The high level of capital investment required by oil and gas operations demands that systems are ready for optimal performance when needed whilst consistently avoiding unplanned downtime. 

A well-designed RAM engineering study by BMT is a critical tool to optimise asset performance and limit risk, whilst maintaining long-term cost management. 

In the oil and gas sector viewing risk as a potential cost highlights the critical need for safe design and operations of facilities and processes. Through the application of proven risk management techniques, it is possible to reduce costs, notably at the early phases of the project lifecycle where the knock-on effects of risk can result in serious consequences.


Reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM) and supply chain studies

Our detailed Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM) studies help our customers to assess the viability of maintaining an asset and unlock opportunities in areas such as design, maintenance and availability. 

Using powerful in-house RAM software we help estimate project life cycles and cost, by considering metocean conditions that may affect offshore installations prior to any capital investment made.  It can be applied to a wide range of offshore concept design and selection issues, be used to model the performance of complete offshore developments or investigate specific aspects or tasks.  

BMT has helped many customers identify economic opportunities that were not previously apparent resulting in several major oil companies acquiring the software themselves for concept development and planning of operations in offshore oil and gas fields.

Operational simulation (SLOOP and Rembrandt)

Our operational simulation tools can be used to model the performance of offshore developments and how they are affected by environmental conditions.  Our SLOOP and Rembrandt software are used at an early stage of the development to support the design and planning of robust and reliable operations. 

Such tools provide valuable input to RAM studies and assist with further refinement of the feasibility assessment to provide a basis for design.

Metocean data and assessment

We provide customers with the detailed metocean information that is essential for the safe and economical design of a marine facility.

Using in-house historical metocean databases, tailored numerical modelling and data analysis expertise, we can help you test and optimise concept design of offshore structures and help evaluate and develop designs that are safe, productive and resilient. We have extensive experience in understanding of the metocean processes and conditions that influence the basis of design and operation of offshore oil and gas developments. Our powerful software supports the quality control, statistical analysis, extreme value extrapolation (EVA) and presentation of in-situ, modelled and satellite observed metocean data to ISO engineering standards.

Our services cover:

  • Data services
  • Operating Criteria
  • Preliminary Design Criteria
  • Front End Engineering Design Criteria
  • Mooring Layout Design Studies
  • Breakwater and Terminal Layout Design

Environmental risk assessment

The offshore oil and gas industry faces ever increasing regulatory scrutiny with environmental issues at the top of the agenda. Offshore developments in the oil and gas industry require a series of permits appropriate to the operations being undertaken.

It is important to consider these throughout the design phase to ensure your proposed project will meet the exacting and changing standards required by regulators. Our experts provide you with that insight, having completed many hundreds of statutory risk assessments and applications as well as providing comprehensive consultancy advice on environmental, legislative and compliance issues.  BMT provides a comprehensive range of services to support monitoring the environment, understanding environmental impacts and satisfying regulatory obligations.