Design and verification

Verification during detailed design can help to optimise your assets performance and reduce operational costs, whilst ensuring that the asset meets the design codes for the life of field.

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Design and engineering

We help you move beyond codes to smarter, more effective and often economical design with a clear, evidence-based view of exactly what your structure will experience. 

‘Design’ covers not simply the asset, but the less predictable weather conditions and human factors key to the safety and success of your operation and the protection of your reputation. Our risk workshops and simulation tools are extremely valuable and capture the potential risks your operation could face. Our advice is grounded in accurate data to verify a design.

De-risking alone does not create optimised design.

We use our knowledge of operational risk to help you create a structure that will withstand its operational environment. We also look to unlock each marginal gain possible in translating concept into detailed design.

Together, such gains deliver a design that you can be confident will be safe, easy to maintain and deliver continuous production.