Oil and Gas

By understanding the challenges at various stages of an oil and gas development we help to mitigate risks whilst reducing costs on projects.

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Andy Brown - Offshore

Head of Business Development, North America

Houston, United States

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Oil and Gas

In a cost-sensitive oil and gas industry we meet the exacting standards with expertise, quality services and value for money. We understand the level of risk at various stages of a development and work tirelessly with our customers to ensure they meet the demand for the highest levels of safety and quality and meet the requirements of environmental regulators, by helping them to mitigate risks to personnel, environment and assets whilst reducing costs on projects.

Our smart technology better serves our oil and gas customers’ needs, with operational simulation tools and systems to model and understand the performance of assets and long-term integrity, reducing potential downtime and minimising risk. 

Using cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) we provide deep data insights of their assets for enhanced asset performance management, creating a clearer picture, fast.

By partnering with oil and gas industry majors, independents, environmental regulators, national oil companies and their associated engineering contractors we help to build domestic sustainability by knowledge transfer.

As an international group, BMT has a presence in over 35 countries. Our data sets cover all of the world’s ocean basins. We have consulted on and provided services to over 120 offshore platforms from the Gulf of Mexico and Brazil to the UK’s North Sea, West Africa and South East Asia.

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