BMT decision support

Improving through-life decision making in portfolios, programmes and projects

BMT knowledge and experience to give you objective, evidence-based time, cost and benefit decisions

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London, United Kingdom

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Decision support

Helping you improve through-life decision-making within a P3 environment by producing comprehensive estimates of cost, time and benefits for appraisal of options and planning purposes that allow for risk and uncertainty and inherent estimating bias.

We have the knowledge and experience to enable production of reliable estimates of time, costs and benefits to support you in making evidence-based decisions for Projects, Programmes and Portfolios at major gating points and to inform any significant change proposals. Customer projects include:

  • Supported the Submarine Dismantling Programme to assess a range of options using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) and to develop a comprehensive analysis and forecast of Benefits.
  • Provided EDF Lifetime Programmes with a comprehensive model for cost and benefits to inform a major change programme investment relating to their fleet of advanced gas-cooled reactors, enabling comparison with other investment options at portfolio level.
  • Provided independent cost modelling and risk analysis for the UK MoD Future Submarine (FSM) programme enabling fully impartial advice and scrutiny on industry cost estimates, more optimised submarine design and support to key decisions, affordability and whole life costs.

How we help you make the right investment decisions for your portfolios, programmes and projects:

  • Cost, Time and Benefits Forecasting – Producing a comprehensive cost, resource and benefit breakdown mapped to product and work breakdown, and then using 3-point estimating techniques coupled with cost and schedule risk analysis, sensitivity analysis and optimism bias adjustment to provide comprehensive forecasts underpinned by a confidence distribution. Estimates are supported by a clear audit trail including a documented set of master data and assumptions.
  • Option Appraisal – Providing the means to economically appraise alternative solution options to meet a defined requirement by integrating cost, schedule and benefit analysis with other decision criteria such as effectiveness and quality in line with HM Treasury Green Book and related techniques such as Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)
  • Assurance – Providing independent assurance and challenge of cost, time and benefit forecasts and estimates through validation and verification of the models, data and techniques used.