Risk management

Firstly, we study marine facilities risks and assess their consequences. Then we advise customers on the best ways of mitigating those risks.

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Achieving the risk - cost balance

Unmanaged risk proves costly: to human life and the liveability of communities, to the operating time of an onshore oil, gas or chemical facility and to the business bottom line.

Viewing risk as a potential cost highlights the critical need for safe operations of facilities and processes and provides a strong business case for Safety Case development beyond compliance requirements. Managing hazards associated with the process industry can also help prevent incidents resulting from the release of chemicals and other sources into the environment, which can have severe impacts on personnel and the public.

Our independent, impartial, consultants and network of experts worldwide understand the key drivers for risk and safety related studies:

With extensive knowledge of Process Safety and Management (PSM), we are able to provide a series of risk management support services including the Utilities and Process Plant sectors. Using a number of risk and modelling tools and techniques, we assist in identifying and quantifying hazards in design, construction and commissioning, providing design and operating solutions to reduce or minimize the potential risk to personnel and assets. We are able to provide a clear visualization of the hazards, identify critical barriers and offer recommendations for risk reduction to as lows as reasonably practicable.

Some of our services include:

Hydrogen Plant Explosion and Vent Gas Dispersion Assessments

BMT has been commissioned by an International Gas Supplier to conduct an Explosion Impact and Vent Dispersion study for three proposed hydrogen plants to assess the explosion overpressure impacts due to catastrophic failure of selected equipment.

Pilot Study: Applicability of New QRA Guidelines for a Manufacturing Facility

Singapore's JTC Corporation, in collaboration with the Safety and Risk Management Safety Centre (SRMC) conducted a series of pilot Quantitative Risk Assessment studies to establish the applicability of the new QRA guidelines in the local context. BMT has been invited by JTC and SRMC to bid for the pilot study using new QRA guidelines on an existing manufacturing facility in Singapore.

Review of HSSE Management Systems for a major oil and gas corporation in China

BMT's objective was to aid the client in putting in place a HSSE management system based on scientific principles, as welll as discourage variant HSSE practices across the companies managed by the corporation.

Power Plant Risk, Environmental and Social Assessment, China

BMT was commissioned by International Finance Corporation (IFC) to review the environmental and social management system (ESMS) of Guangzhou Development Industry Holding Co. Ltd. (GDIH), a subsidiary of IFC.

Safety Engineering Support to FPSO Modification Works

BMT has been engaged by Client to provide full-time safety engineering support for an offshore Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) modification project.

Safety Studies Support for an FSO Conversion, Banyu Urip Field Development Project

BMT has been commissioned by a shipyard owner to conduct third-party risk assessment and loss prevention studies for the conversion of a Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) cinto a Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) facility, as part of the Banyu Urip Field Development Project.