Coastal and port planning

Coastal and port planning and investment

Well-planned critical infrastructure is essential to economic growth. By providing investment and planning support throughout the initial stages of infrastructure development, we help you build future growth on solid foundations.

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Ottawa, Canada

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We deliver fully integrated solutions to financial institutions, energy and infrastructure companies and consulting firms.  Our experience includes:

  • Review and assessment of relevant site data to determine project requirements and constraints
  • Identification of likely project constraints
  • Determination of appropriate project execution methodology
  • Assessment of construction requirements and the optimised staging of works
  • Preparation of detailed ‘internal’ cost estimates based on in-house experience and guidelines
  • Management of contractor requests for cost estimates

Market and economic assessments

We provide financial and economic assessments for investors in shipping, transport, and related infrastructure.

  • Market reviews and competitive analyses
  • Concept and master planning
  • Financial considerations and asset pricing
  • Port cargo flow forecasting
  • Project financing plans
  • Strategic economic analyses
  • Tactical management reviews
  • Quality management studies

Investment facilitation

We provide support to prospective investors during the due diligence and decision-making processes.

Marine facilities and port masterplanning

We work with developers, operators, investors, contractors and regulators to realise every incremental gain and unlock opportunities.  We help you optimise outcomes while mitigating risks, using established methodologies and leading technologies to reduce cost and time, and increase safety.

Our holistic approach combines valuable engineering experience with sustainable environmental management and economic practicality to deliver high-value solutions.  From conception to commissioning, we have a full range of services that we deliver in a way that helps developers stay on time and in budget.

Our experience includes:

  • Shipping, Ports and Logistics
  • Industrial Parks, Logistics and Economic Zones
  • Container Terminals
  • Dry Bulk, General Cargo and Materials Handling
  • Oil Terminals
  • LNG Facilities
  • Ferry & Cruise Terminals
  • Floating Structures

Technical due diligence

We help you to resolve any issues in advance of financial close and gain reassurance on physical, chemical, and biological processes by identifying potential investment risks, conducting technical due diligence and critically assessing management processes, supply chain and operations capability.

We help you identify potential investment risks through technical due diligence and critical assessment of management processes, the supply chain and operational capability.  This enables our yous to resolve any issues in advance of financial close, and gain reassurance about the viability of your project.

We provide due diligence studies that are robust, structured, and defensible:

  • Identification of potential investment risks
  • Critical assessment of management processes, the supply chain and operations capability

Coastal hazard definition studies

Coastal communities and infrastructure have always faced the risk of erosion and storm tide flooding, but climate change has raised the stakes, making it more important than ever before to be prepared for, and protect your resources from damage.

We identify, gather and review critical information to support smarter planning and investment decision making in relation to coastal hazards, as well as use our state of the art modelling solutions to assess the extent and timing of impacts.

Once the hazard risk is better defined, we help you to prepare appropriate responses to coastal hazards and climate change across planning, engineering, financial and operational responses.

Our experience includes:

Metocean studies

Our understanding of the metocean processes and conditions that influence the design and operation of marine infrastructure is based on extensive experience in the industry.

We use in-house historical metocean databases, numerical modelling, and analysis to inform the criteria for operations, preliminary design, front end engineering design, mooring layout design and breakwater and terminal design, including coastal erosion modelling and coastline evolution under the influence of shoreline recession and sea-level rise.