Pre-feasibility Study for the Development of a Port in Vietnam

As part of a government scheme to increase agricultural exports from a Vietnam province, BMT was appointed to help the client examine existing and planned port facilities and transport networks; estimat the potential cargo demand; establish possible strategic development options corresponding to the economic and competitive framework and highlighted possible risks to each option.

The Requirement

The Hung Thuan Group Corporation has been appointed by the Provincial Government of Ninh Thuan,Vietnam, to develop a new international cargo port together with a 500 ha industrial park in Ca Na, located in Vietnam’s district of Thuan Nam.

These would be effective catalysts towards the economic development of the province of Ninh Thuan.

The Ca Na Port project has been approved by the Prime Minister as part of the development and planning of the Categories Vietnam Seaport System 2020, and 2030.

As the designated port planner, BMT conducted a pre-feasibility Study for Ca Na International Cargo Port on behalf of the customer.

Our Approach

The pre-feasibility study includes a review of the economic parameters, nature and geographical locations, connectivity and the potential for the development of an international cargo the port in Ca Na.

Having conducted numerous port feasibility studies, BMT is able to develop sustainable development strategies by systematically answering the questions 1) What is the Vision?, and 2) How do we develop to achieve that Vision? This involved the analysis of a number of issues:

  • Technical constraints and environmental concerns;
  • Commercial risks.

Outcome and Benefits

The pre-feasibility study entailed a macro review of the issues relevant to the development of a port in Ca Na to pave the way for a full fledged master plan study.

Following approval of the master plan, engineering design will proceed immediately culminating to the construction and completion of the port facilities in order to bring the International Cargo Port to operational in accordance with the development schedule recommended in the master plan.

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