Global graduate and apprenticeship programme

We recognise the importance of developing the next generation of industry professionals.

Global Graduate & Apprenticeship Programme

We are committed to offering excellent personal and professional development opportunities to those early on in their careers.

We welcome new Graduates and Apprentices into the business each year. In addition to role-specific technical training, they are also enrolled onto our dedicated Global Graduate & Apprentice training programme to develop their soft skill development and business awareness.

International Women in Engineering Day 2021
Everyone has been so welcoming since joining BMT. As a cohort of graduates, we were quick to support one another, sharing ideas and encouragement.

I have so far been involved in a range of projects from audits to design in a range of vessels including submarines, warships and non-combat military vessels.

I have really enjoyed learning how to use specific design analysis software and learning more about submarines through the BMT ‘Submarine Academy’. I have already noticed a huge increase in my knowledge, and I am excited to build on this, and my career at BMT.

I would absolutely recommend the graduate programme to anyone looking to start their career.

--  Chris Baker, Graduate Naval Architect

About the Global Graduate & Apprentice training programme

Our Global Graduate & Apprenticeship Programme is an 18-month blended learning programme delivered through a combination of formal training, learning from others and workplace/experiential learning.

The formal programme element features nine standard training modules outlined below. Our internal business experts designed and delivered these modules, ensuring they focus on developing the right skills to help our Graduates and Apprentices grow as part of our global team.

Alongside these modules, we match our Graduates and Apprentices with experienced mentors who can share their knowledge, advice and experiences with their mentees. Having a mentor provides our Graduates and Apprentices with a confidential channel to practice their soft skills, build their profile and increase their confidence.

With over 100 of our early careers colleagues on the Global Graduate & Apprentice programme, it’s an excellent opportunity to become part of a global network, collaborate on an international scale and drive your professional development forwards.

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