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Philip Haines

BMT’s Dr. Philip Haines Appointed as Chairperson of the NSW Coastal Council

BMT’s Capability Director, Dr. Philip Haines, has been appointed as the Chairperson of the NSW Coastal Council by the NSW Minister of Environment. With a career spanning over 34 years in both New South Wales and Queensland, Dr. Haines brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this role.

Ian McRobbie

Highlights from AOG Energy and Women in Offshore Wind (WOW) events

Our team attended the AOG Energy Conference and WOW event, discussing the future of renewable energy and sharing insights on its progress


Leveraging Historical and Real-Time Data for Precision Asset Management with MetOcean Dashboards

Discover how our latest advancements in MetOcean Dashboards are transforming asset management. With our innovative BMT Deep service, we're leveraging historical and real-time data to produce tailored dashboards to empower asset operators with actionable insights. Dive into the future of data-driven decision-making and see how our solutions are designed to meet unique operational needs.

Melanie Thomas

Climate Resilient Infrastructure and Decarbonisation in Australia: A Path Forward

Australia faces a significant challenge: our infrastructure must not only withstand the increasing occurrence of natural disasters, which currently cost our economy $38 billion annually—a figure projected to double by 2060 due to escalating emissions—but must also transition towards sustainability. Climate Expert Melanie Thomas, discusses her research into Climate Resilient Building Materials with Low Embodied Carbon Emissions.

Andrew Harris

Fortifying Australia's Maritime Defence: BMT's Andrew Harris and the Future of Naval Architecture

After releasing the Surface Fleet Review the Australian Government has committed $54 billion over the next decade to future naval defence, emphasising the importance of the maritime domain to Australia’s defence capability. Naval architects will play key roles in acquiring ship designs for Australia, overseeing their build, and sustaining them through life.

Andrew Harris

Empowering the Next Generation: BMT’s Support for Team ORCA-207 at the SUBS in Schools Challenge

We proudly sponsored Wilderness School's Team ORCA-207 for the SUBS in Schools Challenge, an initiative spearheaded by the Re-Engineering Australia Foundation.

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