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Lee Rhodes - Project Management Degree Apprenticeship : Level 6

Lee is the BMT Global MIS Projects Operations Manager

What has your career journey been with BMT?

I joined BMT in February 2007 as a Safety Engineer, since then I have been fortunate enough to have several opportunities for advancement, resulting in a number promotions. Prior to joining the GMIS team I was Group Manager/Business Unit Lead for the Land Systems team at BMT Asset Performance.

Why did you choose your apprenticeship?

I’ve always wanted to continue further education but had struggled to find a subject that I would be interested in enough to commit. The degree apprenticeship in project management ticked several boxes; it was relevant to my day job, the time commitment wasn't prohibitive, and the cost wasn’t a barrier.

What is it like being an apprentice at BMT?

Having started my degree apprenticeship in January 2022, it’s perhaps a little early to say what it’s been like; however, I have had excellent support from my Line Manager and the Learning and Development team in Teddington. The L&D team were able to offer sound advice, point me in the right direction to find out more information and support me with my application to the University. I hope that doing this slightly later in life will encourage a few others to consider it.

What have you enjoyed about your apprenticeship so far?

Still, early days but the mix of experiences on my course is exciting and brings different perspectives to group discussions. The cohort comprises BAE graduates, University of Portsmouth staff, local council staff and independent small/medium enterprises. The age range is from the very early 20s to those who are nearer to 50.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others and why?

From my limited experience to date, I would say yes. It’s been a long time since I was at school. Still, I’m finding myself enjoying the academic rigour, reading up subjects and learning about new topics (or vital issues that I already have an understanding of).  Remind me of this, please, when I’m sitting at my laptop late at night trying to complete an assignment!

What advice would you give to someone else considering an apprenticeship?

Although I get one day a week to attend lectures/study, there is extra reading and learning outside of that. I’d say consider the impact this might have on external commitments (family, hobbies etc.). Be prepared that some days you’ll be putting in an entire workday followed by study, don’t let this put you off, though.

Project Management is just one of the degree apprenticeships on offer, so I’d say have a search, look for a subject that interests you and that you can see benefits not just yourself but the business as well.

The first assignment that I’m working on is Leading and Managing Change and with all the change that BMT has undergone in my time here I can see that I’ve got a wealth of experience to be able to draw upon and I’m hopeful that I can bring back some best practice and up to date methods and processes.
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