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Bradley Hale - Engineering design and draughtsperson apprenticeship: Level: 3

Bradley is a design engineer apprentice working with the outfit and arrangement team.

1 February 2022

I’d highly recommend anyone looking for a career in engineering to consider an apprenticeship; applying what I learn at college to my day-to-day job is very rewarding. I’m currently in my second year of training, finishing my BTEC and NVQ in June. After I finish, I’ll continue my education by working towards an HNC and then HND in engineering.

What has your career journey been with BMT so far and what are your aspirations after completing your apprenticeship?

Since joining BMT, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be included in several exciting projects. The projects include 3D modelling new ship designs, drafting compartment layouts and writing a report for a product designed and engineered by BMT.

Why did you choose your apprenticeship?

I’ve always had a keen interest in maritime-based engineering projects; coming across the apprenticeship online whilst pivoting into a different career seemed like a no brainer. Personally, applying knowledge in a working environment is the best way to learn; that’s what an apprenticeship provides.

What is it like being an apprentice at BMT?

The culture at BMT promotes inquisitiveness and inclusivity, allowing apprentices and graduates to speak out and ask questions. Everyone I’ve worked with has supported me through my apprentice journey; I’d honestly find it difficult to fault any part of the process. My line manager (Sam Perrett) and Apprentice Manager (Tom Kerslake), both apprentices themselves, have helped me every step of the way, answering all the questions I throw at them. Being apprentices themselves, they are best positioned to aid and guide the other apprentices and me through our careers.

What have you enjoyed about your apprenticeship so far?

Job satisfaction for me is working as part of a motivated and skilled team, all working towards the same goal.  Every project I’ve been on has provided that—also having the opportunity to visit shipyards, and naval bases have been a great way to apply my knowledge to a natural world environment.  Getting out of the office and seeing the ships up close has provided a physical reference for my learning.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others and why?

It would be hard for me to think of any other career route that would have provided me with the same variety of experiences and knowledge that this apprenticeship has provided me. Whether you're just starting your educational journey or looking for a complete career change, like myself, I couldn’t recommend getting stuck into the work and applying what you learn as quickly as possible.

What advice would you give to someone else considering an apprenticeship?

It’s never too late to start; if I had let pride get in my way, then I would never have started this journey.

Going back to education after ten years was a daunting prospect for me; however, there is now an unlimited amount of resources available to you online to help you out if you get stuck.

Bradley Hale
The support of the Global Graduate & Apprenticeship Programme has provided us with in-depth knowledge on the skills we will need to carry out our roles once we finish our respective programmes. The presentations are interesting, informative and I’m always left with a full page of notes on OneNote after the sessions.

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