BMT has a brain-rich culture, nurtured by our belief in liberating the talent of our people

We want our employees to be part of our future success which is why we support them throughout their career at BMT, helping today's recruits to become the experts of tomorrow.

All our employees have a personal development plan, reviewed annually, setting out their career path within BMT and the training and development programmes that will help them to achieve their goals.

For those with ambitions to become senior managers we created a Development Centre which focuses on leadership skills and competencies. At the same time, BMT recognises that many people aspire to excel in their chosen field rather than being business leaders. In which case we can provide a rewarding career that enables people to achieve technical excellence and feel valued for their expertise.

BMT offers outstanding opportunities to work on an extremely wide variety of exciting projects at locations around the globe. This, together with our competitive pay and benefits package, ensures that BMT has a low turnover of staff, compared to other companies in our sector.