Risk and cost analysis and management

How do you minimize activities that do not add value and clearly identify the lowest cost activities that do?

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Risk and cost analysis and management

We bring a proactive approach to cost management to help customers do just that, supporting value for money decisions, reducing time to market and improving overall profitability.

Our Risk Management work sees us identify and quantify risks and opportunities, building a clear, accurate and complete picture of  both and identifying responses and mitigating actions. Proactive Cost Management can be a valuable way to mitigate costs.

Interrogating the design and manufacture of your product or services gives you a clear understanding of costs of different options to meet an objective or capability gap. By incorporating sensitivity analysis and ensuring model outputs are realistic and error free, we are able to give your greater understanding of the resilience of preferred courses of action.

We build confidence in decision by bringing clarity to your option and available trade space, helping you optimize design based on cost and system effectiveness. As well as identify significant cost risks and drivers of cost, our work equips you cot challenge and price negotiation leverage. 

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