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Offshore wind

We support offshore wind farm developments from initial scoping to final decommissioning.

Throughout the lifecycle of an offshore wind farm, from the initial scoping to the final decommissioning, we support all phases with an extensive range of specialist products and services.

With our extensive knowledge of ships, shipping, ports and port operations backed up by a detailed understanding of the harsh marine environment, we provide holistic planning and real-time support to maritime operations.

We are leaders in wind farm support vessels and active fender systems for essential maintenance and routine inspections of offshore assets.

Feasibility and financing

Scoping a suitable site location for an offshore wind farm requires a good understanding of the conditions at the proposed site. Many elements need to be considered to assess the condition and impact on local people and the environment. We assist with early engagement studies to determine the risk from metocean conditions and environmental effects on assessing the impact of construction traffic on port infrastructure.

Our services include:

  • Vessel Traffic Studies
  • Port Availability
  • Levelised Cost of Energy Analysis

Planning and permitting

We offer several studies to assess renewable resources to determine environmental conditions and the potential environmental impact and assist with permitting requirements. Port assessment studies become more important as the developments move offshore and the turbines become much larger/intricate in design. Our risk-based studies support foundation assessments of turbines, offshore substation transport and installation.

Our services include:

  • Environmental EIA's
  • Bird, marine mammal studies
  • Noise impact assessment
  • Grid design/engineering
  • Specialist engineering studies

Related services

BMT REMBRANDT: ship simulation

Our industry leading ship simulator helps users to safely plan, train and prepare for complex manoeuvres at sea or in port. Applications range from port feasibility, design and evaluation studies to marine incident investigation and bespoke training.

Climate risk and resilience

As emerging world leaders in the field of climate change resilience and adaptation, we work across a broad range of sectors, including state and local government agencies, critical infrastructure, finance, health, defence, and security.

Responsible offshore and mine decommissioning

The ability to accurately monitor the performance and impact of abandoned or deteriorating assets is essential during their decommissioning.

Environmental and climate solutions

As the world faces more complex environmental challenges and public scrutiny on the impact of climate change, our team of environmental scientists are here to help guide and advise regulators and stakeholders across the continuum of offshore marine, coastal zones, rivers and waterways.

Metocean data management & analysis

We acquire and analyse wind, weather and sea state data to inform design, engineering and operational decision making.

Crew vessels

Our capabilities include offshore energy vessel designs, windfarm support vessel designs, crew boat designs and offshore vessel designs.

Marine surveys and technical inspections

We offer a broad range of surveys, audits and certifications to promote safety and operational efficiency.

Our collaborations

The American Wind Energy Association is a Washington, D.C.-based national trade association formed in 1974, representing wind power project developers, equipment suppliers, service providers, parts manufacturers, utilities, researchers, and others involved in the wind industry.

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The Asia Wind Energy Association acts as the regional platform for all wind power industry stakeholders to collectively promote the best interests of the wind power sector. Members include power project developers, turbine manufacturers, technical consultants, financial institutions, regional associations and other institutions in the wind energy sector.

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Founded in 2012, Word About Wind seeks to accelerate the growth of wind globally by informing and connecting key industry decision-makers.

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