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Berth and mooring advisory

Designing and analysing mooring systems is an essential part of coastal infrastructure planning.  We have extensive experience in this area and evaluating ship-to-ship and ship-to-structure operations.

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Lee Hedd

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Ottawa, Canada


Our comprehensive consultancy services range from general advice to a detailed dynamic mooring analysis using specialist software.  Our experience includes:

  • evaluating ship-to-ship and ship-to-structure operations
  • detailed dynamic mooring analysis using specialist software

The dynamics of ships within different, often non-linear, mooring systems need to be thoroughly analysed to safeguard vessels and operations when berthed. Apart from analysing such behaviour during design, we deploy the same skills and tools when looking at an actual event that may have caused delays or structural damage. Combining weather data, tides, vessel details and operational information, we can re-create a possibility to determine likely issues and advice on possible causes and ways to improve systems and future operations.

Mooring Analysis

Navigation simulation

Ports are a dynamic environment where sudden gusts, heavy rain or human error can lead to incidents damaging vessels, cargo or infrastructure. BMT's engineers, naval architects and mariners understand the dynamics and interactions between the various elements and can analyse the damage, the impact on operations and necessary repairs or upgrades.

Our real-time ship-handling and manoeuvring simulator, REMBRANDT, is used by pilots, ship operators, naval architects and port authorities. The system has a wide range of high-fidelity ship models which can interact with varied environmental conditions and tugs to produce realistic vessel behaviour. 

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