ENGAGE immersive training

ENGAGE immersive training

A suite of tools and training systems developed for effective collaboration and speed of delivery.

We develop immersive training where realism based on real-world assets and structures is essential.

We can perform a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) on your problems to deliver the most effective and appropriate training outcomes.

Training is increasingly important and needs to be delivered at the right pace for the individual whilst being cost-effective and lifelike. Original equipment is the best training aid; although often costly, it is not always desirable or practical to practice training on actual equipment.

We can quickly and cost-effectively develop immersive training solutions using Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware and software.  We use gaming engines such as Unity and Unreal to provide an experience that feels modern and well-polished to impress and engage our users. 

As engineers, scientists, consultants, and domain experts, we understand the context and scenario by which the training is intended. We can engage with trainees to perform a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to deliver the most effective and appropriate training outcomes.

Manufacturers of equipment and platforms.  Training providers. Companies that would save money by training people virtually rather than on-site.