Visualisation of data and engineering designs

We help you unlock opportunities through advanced visualisations.

From initial concept design to through-life, the ability to visualise your drawings helps to de-risk designs and build and provide practical solutions.

Our services are programme and hardware “agnostic”, focusing only on the best solution for your project. Our large core team and extensive network of talented coders allows us to scale up to deliver even the most challenging projects without losing momentum.

Designing complex engineering assets takes a great deal of time and cost, but making changes too late in the process is even slower and costlier. By digitising assets in design and presenting them in 3D, they can be tested and validated before they are built, enabling you to spot issues before they happen and rectify them early to minimise risks and reduce costs. 

We use the latest gaming and scanning technology to capture physical worlds or translate them from engineering drawings and make them available to support design reviews as well as throughout the asset’s life. These reviews can happen throughout a project to look at a specific aspect such as Human Factors or to help collaborate and solve a design issue. We can translate CAD to XR and display it in fully immersive worlds using affordable consumer technologies or display it on the screen to support reviews or technical investigations.

Our services support designers of vessels or of significant, complex assets or equipment for confined spaces, as well as government agencies that approve the designs of complex assets.

Our capabilities

Design Visualisation and Reviews

We help you to visualise and validate the designs of complex structures and test scenarios in real-time. From testing mission bays to loading/unloading operations, XR allows you to test out procedures before manufacturing begins.

Digital Survey of Assets

From capturing point clouds to imagery, our solutions enable low-cost, high-volume data capture of your assets to facilitate practical through-life support to disposal.

Engineering CAD to XR

Converting engineering CADs for virtual or augmented reality can be costly. Our approach and tools enable this to be economical and scale up to assets as significant as aircraft carriers.

XR Concepts

We help to define what’s possible through the rapid development of VR and AR concepts. From novel user interfaces to testing technology and new approaches.


A woman looking through AI goggles
  • Reduced physical prototyping
  • Confirmation of concept design
  • Virtual tests of operation
  • More cost-effective product development
  • Accelerated product maturity
  • Compressed New Product Development time
  • Reduced risk to operators and equipment by utilising a virtual environment
  • Improved understanding of an environment or asset by visualising its systems and data
  • Simplified access and information for non-technical users