Mooring Analysis for an 80m LOA Vessel

BMT was appointed by Technics Oil & Gas Ltd.


Customer: Technics Oil & Gas Ltd.

Country: Singapore

Project Location: Loyang Offshore Supply Base


BMT was appointed by Technics Oil & Gas to conduct a mooring analysis for an 80m LOA vessel and advise on the maximum ship size which can berth at the wharf at Loyang Offshore Supply Base, Singapore


Scope of work for the mooring analysis was as follows:

  1. Analyze the vessel berthing and mooring at the berth using the existing and new proposed bollards;
  2. Checking the available water depth and tide in the region;
  3. Suggesting some additional fenders after site inspection;
  4. Analyze alternative mooring arrangements and suggesting the best possible arrangement;
  5. Assess vessel arrival and departure conditions based on the water depth available.

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