Masterplanning for a High-Tech Industrial Park in Malaysia

BMT crafted a strategic masterplan for a high-tech industrial park in Malaysia, summarizing the positioning, demand and supply assessment, industrial sector analysis and competitiveness review as well as financial and operational feasibility of the project.


In line with Malaysia’s Wawasan 2020 policy, the country has been focusing on moving up the value chain for high-tech research, development and manufacturing. In turn, various industrial parks have been set up or revamped to align closer to the shift from manufacturing to technology.

Our team was commissioned to define the strategic positioning for the Industrial Park in short, medium and long term stages and propose a business plan and implementation strategy for the Park to reach its strategic goal.


Our consultants from Hong Kong and Malaysia carried out a detailed site assessment including a review of existing development and the site surroundings.

Interviews with various stakeholders were conducted with a focus on industrial park developers as well as leading firms in the technology industry including wearables/IoT, green technology and the biotech sector.


We formulated a phase-by-phase development masterplan for the Park, including the identification of the different industry clusters that would be best positioned to allow the Park to realise its socio-economic targets, demand for various industries and the related land use requirement, the design of the industrial and logistics facilities, as well as the layout plan of the Industrial Park with functioning and zoning details.

In addition, we also provided an assessment of the financial and operational feasibility of the development.

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