Market Study and Master Plan for Industrial and Logistics Parks in Indonesia

BMT undertook a study to review the current regional industrial sectors and manufacturing facilities and propose future business targets, land use requirement and infrastructure design for the development of a new Integrated Port, Industrial and Logistics Estate.


As the leading economy in ASEAN, Indonesia has a vast and diverse market with great potential for future development. In recent years, there has been an uptick in development of the industrial and manufacturing sector in Indonesia due to the rapidly growing middle class and also as a regional hub for manufacturing and distribution.

Most of the main industrial facilities in Indonesia are found in Industrial Estates across the country with a high concentration in West and East Java.

We were commissioned by our customer to undertake a study to review the current industrial sectors in Indonesia and propose future business targets and land use planning for the development of a new Integrated Port, Industrial and Logistics Estate.


Our team in Hong Kong and Indonesia travelled to various industrial estates in Indonesia to meet with different stakeholders both from the investor side as well as industrial park management. We also consulted with officials from various governmental departments including the Regional Development Planning Agency (BAPPEDA) as well as the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) and Integrated License Service under the Provincial and Regional Government.


With our local expertise and extensive network, the team went beyond a general trade sector review to formulate a demand forecast for industrial and logistics facilities in the region, as well as identification of target industries and strategies in the region for the proposed logistics and manufacturing hub.

Furthermore, we also provided pricing and competitiveness analysis for zoning purposes, as well as to determine the optimum product mix in addition to the Conceptual Master Plan for the proposed industrial park.

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