Conceptual Development and Business Model for a Chinese Logistics Park

BMT was commissioned to build a financial and business development plan for a Chinese Logistics Park.

The Requirement

North-eastern China has been a major industrial cluster and have seen rapid development over the past decade. In this instance, BMT was commissioned to formulate a business development plan for the client adjacent to a train ferry terminal. The client mainly provided logistics services, including warehousing, port handling, train ferry and train shipping.

Our Approach

BMT held various meetings and workshops with stakeholders including key logistics players, ferry operators and manufacturing facilities in the area of the proposed logistics park to discuss and obtain comments from the industry for logistics park services, management model, shareholding structure, market potential, and demand and requirement for industrial park facilities.

Outcome and Benefits

The BMT team mapped out a comprehensive model for the development and subsequent operation of the proposed logistics park and formulated a practical and realistic marketing and sales plan for the client based on a detailed financial projection.


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