Project Risk Management for Railway Tunnel and Station Projects

BMT has customized a project risk management package for a significant rail extension project in Hong Kong

The Requirement

Consisting of two sections, Tai Wai to Hung Hom and Hung Hom to Admiralty, the 17km Shatin to Central Link (SCL) rail network in Hong Kong will relieve pressure on the existing metro network and ease road traffic congestion, as well as cultivate a greener, healthier and safer living environment.

This state-of-the-art railway system will further improve the connectivity and efficiency of Hong Kong's public transportation. BMT is providing risk management services to the SCL Rail Extension Project.

As required by the government and MTRCL (the Operator), BMT’s scope of work covers the project delivery as well as design for safety and constructability risk management within the construction projects.

Throughout various stages of the project lifecycle including design, construction, T&C, and defects liability period, BMT is customising an inclusive project risk management package. The consultancy service satisfies stakeholder requirements; for instance, programme risks, financial risks, impacts to existing railway operation, construction safety and constructability risk, as well as other associated risk elements.

Our Approach

To facilitate an effective risk management scheme, BMT, collectively with MTRCL, the insurer and the contractors will develop a project risk management plan. The plan takes reference to technical specifications, influencing factors as well as good industry practices. With MTRCL’s in-house data and risk audits records, BMT updates and perfects the risk management process.

In the early stages, BMT appraised MTRCL and the contractor’s risk tolerance, employing process and tools to examine the project risk level.

Additionally, BMT has successfully engaged stakeholders on risk criticality assessments and provided risk treatment strategies for adequate mitigation and response. BMT records and updates risk register databases, monitors risk development, and conducts routine risk reassessments. The professional expertises at BMT provide a strong safeguard to the rail extension development.

Outcome and Benefits

By effectively identifying and controlling project delivery as well as design for safety and constructability risks, BMT’s participation in the risk management process ensures that the projects proceed smoothly and safely. This has helped the client maintain a good corporate image throughout the duration of the project.

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