Tootgarook Wetland Ramsar Nomination Feasibility Study

Assessment of the wetland meeting the Ramsar nomination requirements


Client: Mornington Peninsula Shire

The Tootgarook Wetland is located on the Nepean Peninsula and contains high biodiversity values and provides a variety of ecosystem services/benefits. It is considered a regionally important example of a Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem and supports a range of endangered and vulnerable Ecological Vegetation Classes. It also supports endangered or threatened in Victoria, and the Australasian Bittern (Botaurus poiciloptilus), a Commonwealth listed endangered species.

BMT was engaged to assist the Shire in confirming whether the Tootgarook Wetlands is likely to satisfy the Ramsar listing criteria and provide advice and on the costs and benefits of seeking Ramsar nomination compared with other options.


Outcomes and Benefits

The completion of an ecological character description (ECD), confirmed that the Wetland’s ecological character in terms of critical and supporting components, processes and services/benefits are likely to satisfy the Ramsar listing criteria. However, a review of the limitations to Ramsar listing in Victoria suggested that it was not the best option for the protection of the Wetland at the time of study.

The findings of this study were used by the Shire to shape the direction of the future management of the Wetland. This includes the establishment of the Tootgarook Wetland Management Plan, that in partnership with Conservation Volunteers BMT has established to secure the future of the Wetland. 


Services and Expertise Provided:

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