Arabian Gulf Aquaculture Feasibility Analysis

We were commissioned by the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency to undertake advanced numerical modelling at a site within the Arabian Gulf.


Customer: Abu Dhabi Environment Agency

Food security in the United Arab Emirates is of key concern. One means by which security can be improved is through the prudent development of environmentally sensitive aquaculture operations in the region. Although it is widely recognised that the Arabian Gulf is in the main too shallow to support aquaculture operations, the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency identified a suite of sites in the Gulf that may be sufficiently deep. These are in the vicinity of Dalma Island.

We were commissioned to develop and deploy advanced hydrodynamic and water quality numerical tools to support an investigation of the environmental sustainability of proposed aquaculture operations at these sites.


Undertaking this study delivers a state of the art numerical analysis to the Abu Dhabi government to support its pursuit of improving food security.


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