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BMT is actively supporting some world class projects around the world. This is where we share some of the latest news on these projects.


Sir Clive Johnstone

Sir Clive Johnstone - rest in peace

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Sarah Kenny on 2024 E2E Female 100 List

In an endorsement of her leadership and BMT's sustained growth, Sarah has been honoured with a spot in the prestigious 2024 E2E Female 100 List. Join us in celebrating this recognition, which reflects our commitment to maritime excellence and innovation on a global scale.

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BMT Partners with DNV to Accelerate Australian Landing Craft Design

BMT’s Mature CAIMEN® Large Design: A Key Player in the Expanding CAIMEN® Landing Craft Family for Australia’s LC-H Needs.

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BMT Redefines Autonomous Payload Delivery

British Army’s Futures Directorate has provided funding to build, supply and demonstrate the latest BMT SPARO® prototype for UK medics who took part in Project CONVERGENCE.

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Dr Tim Curtis recognised as a Fellow of the Systems & Complexity in Organisations

Dr Tim Curtis has been recognised as a Fellow of the Systems & Complexity in Organisation (SCIO) professional body. This distinguished professional qualification highlights the significant recognition of Tim's expertise and dedication to supporting organisations with complex social & environmental challenges over a 30-year career, emphasising his crucial contributions to practice of systems thinking and complexity science in global management and leadership.

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