BMT Announces Neil Charles as new President of BMT Critical Infrastructure Americas

Neil Charles has been appointed the new President for BMT’s Critical Infrastructure Americas operating unit. The move comes after Neil successfully completed his role as Interim President and aligns with a major shift to consolidate resources in the region, and bolster collaboration and innovation between the organization’s engineering and data analysis teams to better support Consulting’s digital energy transformation.

14 April 2021

Energy and Resources

BMT Announces Neil Charles as new President of BMT Critical Infrastructure Americas

This week, leading international design, engineering, and risk management consultancy BMT formally appointed Neil Charles as new President of the organization’s Critical Infrastructure Americas operating unit. Neil has served as Operations Director of the operating unit, which is a part of BMT’s Environment and Infrastructure Portfolio, for over two years. In April 2020 he assumed the role of Interim President where he has continued to lead in positioning the company for growth around its core capabilities in instrumentation products, data and digital products, and field services in support of the energy sector. 

With almost 20 years in the organization, Neil’s appointment comes at a strategic time when a review of operations has identified the need for more collaborative working to better support BMT’s customers in the offshore oil and gas, and offshore renewable wind markets. Under his leadership, the Americas regional businesses of BMT group are set for expansion opportunities and growth through collaboration and strategic partnership.

“As we partner and collaborate with our industrial colleagues across the globe, BMT will continue to bring innovative solutions that impact our clients and provide exciting opportunities for our people. The continued success of BMT will be driven by the excellent people within our team and their drive to succeed.” said Mr. Charles.

Shane Amaratunga, BMT’s Portfolio Managing Director for Environment and Infrastructure said Neil is taking over at “a pivotal moment in Consulting’s digital energy transformation period, a defining stage in the history of Consulting where strategy is rapidly shifting to non-traditional solutions such as Big Data processing, and Cloud- and Machine- based technology services. More fundamentally, this has set in motion a structural shift where we must meet the consulting demands of customers and partners who have had to shift many of their resources and workforce remote.”

“Throughout his career, Neil has proven himself as a strong leader with extensive scientific instrumentation and data acquisition systems’ industry experience, and operational acumen. This ‘Big Data’ experience combined with an unwavering commitment to our partners and shared values make him a natural fit to lead our Americas region.” added Amaratunga.

Since first joining BMT in 2003 as a project engineer and progressing through that career path to project manager in 2005, Neil has had the opportunity to work on a range of projects including multi-million-pound program delivery in the UK defense arena to delivery of joint-industry projects in the offshore sector. In 2009 he began a two-year period within the UK headquarters where he led over 20 business reviews across BMT global offices and promoted good practice in the areas of project management, quality, health & safety and operations.

After leaving to relocate with his family to the US in 2011, he later joined BMT CI Americas in a project management role in 2013. Quickly moving to lead the Project Group where he directed delivery of multiple turnkey monitoring system contracts, he has more recently lead efforts in the instrumentation and data services teams before becoming the Operations Director in 2018 and assumed the additional role of Interim President in April of 2020.

Neil believes his successes can be attributed to the excellent teams which BMT creates and the positive approach he has taken to all challenges that the organization has faced over the last 17 years. He values the culture which builds from a strong focus on the core principles of business and safety to create environments in which people can grow, thrive and progress their careers.


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