BMT's Phil Dana to Continue Leading Business Development in Americas

With recent consolidation of regional offices to Houston to better support energy clients' digital transformation strategies, Phil Dana will continue leading business development across the region.

12 May 2021

  • BMT Americas is preparing today for tomorrow’s unknowns in the future of the offshore energy industry and as today’s rapidly evolving marketplace environment, key business issues are converging with impacts felt across multiple industry sectors.
  • The BMT Group’s priority to consolidate offices in the Americas region will see BMT’s Phil Dana continue leading business development activities for the region. Since his appointment to Regional Business Development Director in October 2020, Phil has led the Canadian and US operating units in identifying, capturing and growing future business opportunities. Now, with the consolidation of regional offices to Houston to benefit our energy clients’ digital transformation strategies, Phil will continue leading the organization’s business development efforts through the renewed focus in the region and as the business adapts to a post-pandemic future.

With the recent announcement of the consolidation of offices for BMT’s Critical Infrastructure operating unit in the Americas, BMT’s regional leadership continues aligning to support customers through the pandemic. The organization recently announced the appointment of Neil Charles as President of the Critical Infrastructure operating unit and is now pleased to confirm that Phil Dana will continue to lead in his role as Regional Business Development Director of the Americas.

Dana has been instrumental in identifying the strengths of the region and helping to shape a long-term outlook for an expanded business offering while maintaining focus on development across our core offerings centered around Energy, Digital Data Services, Controls and Instrumentation field services. The consolidation to Houston to create a hub for digital energy technology is an exciting initiative that Dana agrees will have an immediate impact on reshaping the priorities of the operating unit moving forward. According to Phil: 

“The engineering and solution depth of expertise within BMT’s Critical Infrastructure business is a proven platform to enable greater collaboration and digital growth across the global consultancy spectrum.  I look forward to leveraging data and analytics to help define an expanded role for ‘big data as a service’ within the operating unit.”

Phil Dana, a professional services, business development and marketing executive with extensive experience in product management, IT services delivery, leadership, and solution sales, joined BMT in the fall of 2019 as Vice President of Business Development for BMT Canada to support the growth plans for the Canadian operating unit across Defence, Energy, Transportation and Environment sectors. A year later, Phil was promoted to the Regional Business Development Director of the Americas region, which includes the Critical Infrastructure operating unit in the United States.  His vision for innovation and cross-collaboration opportunities between the operating units to better serve clients in the energy sector comes at an exciting time for the region as the push to accelerate the digital energy transition offering from the region gains momentum.    

“Leveraging BMT’s Critical Infrastructures’ core client base in the Gulf of Mexico, along with its international clients, BMT is keen to drive new innovative technology solutions and diversification to clients both in Oil and Gas and increasingly towards the emerging renewables market in the Americas region.” Added Dana.

“The exponential growth in connected technologies and an increase in associated investments may help companies realise new operational efficiencies.”  Added Dana.

“Smart, connected products offer exponentially expanding opportunities for new functionality, far greater reliability, much higher product utilisation, and capabilities that cut across and transcend traditional product boundaries. Sensor technologies, for example, are embedded within the Internet of Things (IoT) and will continue to become cheaper, more advanced, and more widely available. In turn, this availability and cost-effectiveness will make new sensor monitoring applications possible, including large-scale monitoring and detection and the data being generated to fuel ‘next stage’ business growth for critical energy infrastructure platforms based offshore.” Concluded Dana.

The outlook for the region is extremely bright, with both the Canadian and American operating units well-positioned to capitalize on technology advancements and innovations resulting from the consolidated strategy, teamwork and focus Dana is helping lead and execute.

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