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Dredging Australia’s Broome Channel

1 December 2019

Best of BMT - Broadening Horizons

The Port of Broome is the largest deep-water access port serving Northwest Australia’s Kimberley region, making it a vital part of the infrastructure that supports the local cruise tourism industry. However, that industry was unable to reach its fullest potential because the various navigational hazards in the area prevented larger vessels, including the most prestigious cruise ships, from docking at the port. So when the Kimberly Port Authority decided that the only solution was to deepen and widen the channel by dredging it, they turned to us to capitalise on our expertise.

Thanks to our world-class capabilities in port development, dredging, channel design and environmental management, we were able to help the Kimberley Port Authority through each stage of this complex project, from the initial scoping study to managing and planning works and detailed navigational channel design and finally to construction and dredging.

From 2017 to 2019, we provided vital technical services to help make the Broome Channel easier for larger vessels to navigate, including planning, design, data collection, modelling and ship simulation, and managed the contract procurement and construction works with diligent on-site supervision.

When the project was completed in September of this year, the port finally became accessible to large cruise ships and other vessels, meaning that the region’s cruise industry could now grow and keep pace with Broome’s booming tourism while providing a boost to the local economy.


This article is part of #BestOfBMT 2019, featuring our best projects throughout the year.

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