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BMT Supports Commissioning of the Royal Navy’s HMS Magpie

HMS Magpie is the first and largest vessel to be delivered by AEUK.

4 July 2018

BMT Supports Commissioning of the Royal Navy’s HMS Magpie

BMT has supported the ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK (AEUK) team in the delivery and subsequent commissioning of the Royal Navy’s (RN) HMS Magpie which will join the RN’s hydrographic squadron, replacing the veteran Inshore Survey Vessel HMS Gleaner. 

The commissioning of HMS Magpie took place on 28th June 2018, and BMT was proud to attend the ceremony along with members of AEUK, the Royal Navy, DE&S and other VIPs.

HMS Magpie is the first and largest vessel to be delivered by AEUK as part of its contract for the supply and support of Common Workboats for the UK MOD. Ranging in size from 11 to 18 metres, the multi-role ‘SEA Class’ vessels share common components and will be modular in design.  This unique approach enables rapid reconfiguration for a range of specialised operational roles, including: Dive support; Explosive Ordnance Disposal; Officer training; Passenger transport; Arctic exploration, Logistic re-supply and hydrographic survey.

Selected for its pedigree in delivery to the UK MOD Commercially Supported Shipping (CSS) Boats Team, BMT has provided Safety and Environmental Management and Technical Documentation support to the acquisition of up to 38 workboats, and extended programme of In-Service Support from 2018 until 2024. 

Julian Woolley, BMT Head of Business Development - Underwater Systems, comments: “Effective safety and environmental management is centred upon ensuring that principal hazards have been assessed and that all risks are minimised to an acceptable level.  Our work helps to keep the asset, the people that operate it and the environment around it, safe and in turn, maintain through life operational capability and availability.”

The safety and environmental analysis of the ‘SEA Class’ vessels considers likely In-Service Hazards and their control from the design and functional safety perspective, as required by the Platform Authorities’ (PA) acknowledged roles and responsibilities.  The environmental analysis considers the potential risks and impacts posed by the platform, whilst Technical Documentation supports the safe operation and maintenance of the ‘SEA Class’ vessels.

Julian Woolley continues: “Effective collaboration within the AEUK team has been key to ensuring the successful delivery and commissioning of HMS Magpie.  We’re looking forward to continuing to work with the AEUK team to deliver safe and environmentally compliant ‘SEA Class’ vessels.”

HMS Magpie’s primary role will be in maintaining the integrity of coastal waters, ensuring safety of navigation and resilience of key national infrastructure in UK ports.  With an enduring presence around the UK, she will also contribute to national security at sea.

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